Moving Exercise Indoors

Moving Exercise Indoors

BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! Okay actually it’s kind of perfect now, but it’s about to be rough for the ole’ outdoor activity. So how do we cope with staying in shape while we are confined indoors? Below I have outlined three exercises you can do indoors daily to keep up your strength and stamina this winter:

  1. Squat/ Wall Sit – probably one of my all-time favorites the squat works literally ALL the muscles in the body. You want to make sure that you set your hips back from your midline when you sit down! If a full or free squat is initially to challenging try a wall sit first with your back up against a wall in a 90 degree seated position. Work up to one minute then move off the wall and try a squat holding onto a stable chair or table for balance. Lessen the use of the balance support as you improve! As this becomes easier you can work up to holding a weight in front of you. A weight can be anything from a dumbbell, kettlebell, sandbag, baby, puppy, bag full of books, case of water…. Anything works! Your body just recognizes the resistance. You could also take a broomstick and push up into a stable door frame while you move up and down into a squat creating some AWESOME tension and really increasing the benefit! VIDEO:
  1. Plank – this fundamental is the premier way to work stabilizing the core. As the anchor for all extremity movement, protector of the spine and the link between upper and lower THE CORE is incredibly important and we must train it to perform its function. The plank helps us stabilize the pelvis and spine while transferring energy from low to high or high to low. It is important to not just set a timer for one minute and try to make it, as with all our exercises we must perform them with focus and intention.
    • Squeeze the butt and abs HARD making the midsection solid and immovable.
    • Keep shoulders on TOP of hands/ elbows, avoid drifting backwards putting weight in feet
    • Drive the ground away from you with your shoulders and arms.
    • Make sure to ALWAYS breathe!

Make them harder
• RKC -> build max tension by isometrically pulling hands and feet towards one another
• Do airbike, Versa, ropes, rower, ANY cardio elevating HR immediately before
• Add weight to UPPER BACK, not low back
Make them easier
• Elevate your hand position onto a table or STURDY chair
• Drop knees to the ground keeping hips straight
• Less time

  1. Band Pull Apart/ Row – everyone has a struggle with posture! It’s a product of our adaptation to working on computers, phones, driving cars and sitting much more than we are designed to. The band pull apart (BPA) is one of my favorites to combat this issue. Make sure to keep your form strict and go SLOW. If you do not have a band try using a towel instead doing an isometric (no movement) pull with different grip widths to get a variety of strength in different ranges. VIDEO:

BY: Matt V., FR C, BS Exercise Science

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