Tips for The Bari-Best Thanksgiving Meal

Tips for The Bari-Best Thanksgiving Meal

Worried about enjoying dinnertime during the upcoming holiday season?
Don’t fret – be thankful for these bari-friendly Thanksgiving tips this year!

Don’t go to all the parties
Prioritize the ones you desire to attend the most, and stick to those. If you desire to socialize, go late after the meal, or mingle away from the food table. Go into any food environment on a full stomach; we tend to eat faster and want larger portions when hungry. Prepare healthy snacks in advance. If traveling, have healthy snacks in the car or carry-on luggage.

Keep your hands busy

Keep something in your hand (Crystal Light, water, mocktail drink, etc.) to stay hydrated and prevent picking up several additional foods. Avoid alcohol.

Speak up
Have conversations with family and friends before the event about healthy dishes. Have the family eat out or have a healthier meal catered. Plan a high-protein, high-veggie day.

Stay moving
Engage in regular physical activity before the meal and light physical activity 2 hours after the meal. Plan for plenty of physical activity all weekend.

Pace yourself
Prioritize “must-have” foods. Remember: proteins first. Use the smallest plate available and avoid stacking up your food. You may try using a small deviled egg dish to sample 1 tsp. of several foods or a different kind of portioned dish. Stay out of the kitchen! This can lead to excessive sampling.

Give with a thankful heart
Send leftovers home with relatives, or freeze them for later.

Don’t count yourself out

Forget the “all-or-nothing” or “I’ve already blown it” mindsets. Remember that 1 high-fat or high- calorie meal is better than a whole day.

Go back to the basics
Remember the fundamentals to long-term success; food journaling and eating your protein first. Eat slowly, and chew thoroughly. Stop as soon as you are full (obey the burp)

By Jaeana Tooson, RDN, LD

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