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SADI-S Surgery

What Is SADI-S Surgery?

SADI-S Surgery (Single anastomosis duodenal–ileal bypass with sleeve gastrectomy) is a modified version of the duodenal switch surgery, which has been helping patients achieve their weight loss goals for over 30 years. The key benefit of the SADI-S Surgery is that it combines the restrictive power of a sleeve gastrectomy with the malabsorptive power of the gastric bypass, all while preserving the valve at the bottom of the stomach to help maintain long term weight loss.

SADI-S Procedure

The SADI-S can be done as a single surgery or as a two surgery procedure dependent on a patient’s individual needs and weight loss goals. Patients who have already had a gastric sleeve can also enjoy the added benefit of having it revised into a SADI-S.

Advantages of the SADI-S

With this procedure, you keep the pylorus (the valve at the bottom of the stomach), which minimizes dumping syndrome and prolongs the amount of time food stays in the stomach, giving a longer sensation of fullness (or satiety). The surgery significantly limits the amount of fat that is absorbed from the diet. This surgery is often associated with the highest percentage weight loss of all the surgical options and patients can expect to lose on average, 85% of their excess body weight. SADI-S removes less of the intestine than other types of bariatric surgery, increasing the amount of nutrients your body will be able to absorb.

Disadvantages of the SADI-S

The procedure removes part of the stomach, which is not reversible. Due to malabsorption, you must take vitamin supplements for the rest of your life (multivitamins are recommended for all patients). Patients may also have foul-smelling stools and flatulence and occasional diarrhea if the patient consumes a high level of fat.

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