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Tour Our Facility

Welcome to the virtual tour of Kentucky Bariatric Institute and Georgetown Hospital.

Our clinic is located at 1002 Lexington Road, suite 25B, Georgetown, KY 40324, less than a mile from Georgetown Community Hospital. From the moment you enter our lobby, your comfort, care and safety have been worked into every detail. Spacious hallways, lobby and exam rooms allow for our patients to move freely throughout the center.

We offer a state of the art classroom for our program’s educational events with individual desks and bariatric rated chairs. You will meet one on one in the privacy of our exam rooms to discuss your specific clinical need as you work towards your weight loss goals. Georgetown Community Hospital is known for the care and compassion we provide for our bariatric patients. From the time you walk into the hospital to the time you leave, your safety and comfort has been taken into consideration. All employees who work for Georgetown Community Hospital and its clinics take part in bariatric sensitivity training. Everyone that plays a role in your care will provide you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

Bariatric rated chairs can be found in the front lobby of the hospital, cafeteria and any of the waiting areas.  The radiology department features many modalities to care for your healthcare needs before and after surgery. This includes x-ray, a wide boar MRI machine, 16 slice CT machine and a fluoroscopy room that can accommodate our bariatric patients imaging needs. Check out Georgetown Community Hospital’s website to learn more about the radiology department’s accreditations and distinctions.

The day of surgery your loved ones will have a spacious waiting area to stay in as your surgery is performed. Georgetown Community Hospital has two DiVinci Robot to offer the most state of the art, minimally invasive surgery option for our patients. After surgery guests are welcome to join you on the Bariatric Unit during hospital visiting hours. The rooms on the bariatric unit are private with a private bathroom. The nurses on this unit are specially trained and are passionate about the role they play in your care.  We look forward to seeing you at the clinic and the hospital!

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