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Weight Loss Success Stories

Patient Spotlight: Cherie and Zantonia Jones

My youngest daughter decided to have weight loss surgery. I was very afraid that she would not be successful or have complications during the surgery. I try my best not to project my fears onto my adult children, so I decided to tag along with her to the orientation so...


Tara Custard

Patient Spotlight: Tara Custard

Tara was always busy with family. As a school resource coordinator, she spent her days helping other families with academics, and at home, she took care of her four children. Juggling work and home life could be tiring – Tara had developed a thyroid disease during her first pregnancy, and...


Tracy Coburn

Patient Spotlight: Tracy Coburn

Tracy had struggled with her weight for a long time. She had worked for the Ashland health department for 38 years, and she could see her own health declining – each time she visited her doctor, she was prescribed new medications for her weight, her diabetes, and her blood pressure....


Tarah Gaines

Patient Spotlight: Tarah Gaines

Tarah is a mother of two and a medical records analyst. She always worked hard to care for her health, but ever since the birth of her son in 2021, she often felt too tired to keep up with her kids. The diets and exercises she tried didn’t seem to...


Neysa Cordial

Patient Spotlight: Neysa Cordial

Neysa lived an active life. As an elementary advisor for Save the Children, she traveled around the country, teaching other teachers. Her 14-year-old son was a budding athlete, and Neysa wanted to join him on walks and on hikes. At the same time, Neysa had put on weight over many...


Reisha Caudill

Patient Spotlight: Reisha Caudill

Reisha had been a nurse practitioner for 12 years, and she was disciplined, motivated and hard-working. Whatever Reisha wanted to accomplish, she took seriously – and that included her health. She ate well. She went to the gym. But ever since an auto accident in 2017, Reisha had struggled to...


Caleb Zehnder

Patient Spotlight: Caleb Zehnder

When Caleb turned 30, he knew he had to make a change. He had moved to Kentucky 3 years ago, and he loved exploring everything the state had to offer – the travel, the horses, the local bourbon. But he felt that some of his bad habits were slowing him...


Madison Mooney

Patient Spotlight: Madison Mooney

Madison had always kept herself healthy through sports. In college, she had been a triathlete and a softball player, but during graduate school, her studies took up all her time. Now that she was starting her first job as a therapist, Madison promised herself she would make time for athletics...


Sarah Dabney

Patient Spotlight: Sarah Dabney

I’ve struggled with obesity my entire life. I was always the “fat” friend, the “fat” sister, the “you’re so pretty…for a plus-size girl”. Over the years, I tried so many diets- Weight Watchers, Atkins, Keto, South Beach, you name it and would also incorporate some exercise. I’ve lost 25lbs and...


Lashanda Denham

Patient Spotlight: Lashanda Denham

Lashanda Denham’s weight loss journey began in Spring of 2020. She contemplated weight loss surgery for a while, but she was still apprehensive about the impacts of recovery on her ability to be a business woman and a mother. She ultimately decided it was better for her family to pick...


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