At Kentucky Bariatric Institute we are proud to offer our patients exclusive access to the following organizations:

Bariatric Surgery Georgetown KY

BariNation is a mission-driven, patient-led organization focused on improving the lives of people battling obesity. Obesity impacts so many facets of our life, and the shame and stigma that shrouds the disease is difficult to break free of.

In the BariNation online community, patients can connect with each other and experts in live, virtual support groups, classes, and meetings and access thousands of hours of on-demand educational videos and support.

Instead of sifting through thousands of chat rooms, blog posts, unkind Facebook groups, and unsettling (and often incorrect) information, you can turn to BariNation. The information we curate and share is vetted for accuracy by our experts and deemed helpful from patient feedback.

BariNation is where you can connect, learn, and grow with other people, just like you in an active, engaged, and supportive community. See you in The Nation!


KBI patients are offered a free 3-month trial membership to BariNation or a deeply discounted monthly membership rate. 

To learn more, contact our staff at 502.570.3727.