Reisha had been a nurse practitioner for 12 years, and she was disciplined, motivated and hard-working. Whatever Reisha wanted to accomplish, she took seriously – and that included her health. She ate well. She went to the gym. But ever since an auto accident in 2017, Reisha had struggled to lose weight.

Reisha BeforeIn January 2021, Reisha finally reached out to Dr. Smith’s office at the Kentucky Bariatric Institute. Right away, she noticed how supportive the staff was – she felt like she was not just a member of their team, but a part of their family. Dr. Smith offered extensive patient education classes before the operation, and Reisha was impressed by how clearly and honestly he explained her procedure and what outcomes she could expect. As a healthcare provider herself, she recognized expertise when she saw it.

“The first time we went to the class I got to talk to him and ask questions. He said, ‘You’ll probably lose 60 to 70 percent but not all,’” Reisha said. “I was like, ‘I’m going to beat that.’”

Reisha AfterReisha’s surgery went smoothly. As a health worker, she knew it was essential she get back on her feet and help her patients as soon as possible. Thanks to the non-invasive technology used by Dr. Smith and his team, Reisha was back to work within a week and never had to rely on anything stronger than Tylenol for pain relief.

Reisha was given the goal of losing 80 pounds. She successfully lost 170, and has kept that weight off for two years. This weight loss hasn’t always been easy – Reisha works hard, going to the gym five days a week, lifting weights, and carefully watching her diet. She keeps in close contact with Dr. Smith and her nutritionist, and any time she changes her routine or worries she might be overdoing things, she reaches out for advice. The team at Kentucky Bariatric Institute is quick to help her recalibrate her care plan.

Reisha and husbandToday, Reisha feels better than she has in years. She rides a Harley with her husband. She scuba-dives. When they visit an amusement park, she can join her family on rides she was once too heavy for. The only thing she wishes is that she had had her bariatric procedure done 15 years ago.

“I had been doing everything I could do and not losing on my own,” Reisha said. “I had been very opposed to it, but I would do it again tomorrow. It’s changed my life.”