Sophia Before and AfterSophia grew up leading an active life and played basketball during her youth. While she was always in the obese category, she had a healthy body composition. Her weight loss journey really began in 2015 after life picked up the pace for her; with two jobs, college, marriage and family life came a drastic weight gain over about seven months. When Sophia’s neighbor expressed her own interest in pursuing weight loss at Georgetown Bariatrics, Sophia was initially hesitant. She had several friends and family members who continued to struggle with their weight even after bariatric surgery. However, after considering the fact that none of them had been to Georgetown Bariatrics, she decided to try our program.

At her heaviest, Sophia weighed 352 pounds. She had her gastric bypass performed in April  of 2017. Only 9 months later, Sophia not only lost 100 pounds, but she also began developing  a healthier relationship with food, which she states she never truly had. Despite having three  surgeries in the past year, she is still going strong to her goal weight, which is 10 pounds away.

Sophia Before and AfterSince having surgery at Georgetown Bariatrics, Sophia has regained her confidence and no  longer hates what she sees in the mirror or how she feels. She feels as good as she did before  ever gaining weight, and she is enjoying eating more vs. punishing herself through food  restriction and binging. She has a greater awareness of her lifestyle habits and feels empowered to develop and maintain healthier ones.

Sophia encourages patients who are frustrated with their weight loss progress to stop focusing so much on the numbers and start focusing on what new abilities have arisen. She urges patients not to fall into the trap of comparing themselves to others, but rather remember that you never know what someone else is truly going though; go at your own pace.