Tara and FamilyTara was always busy with family. As a school resource coordinator, she spent her days helping other families with academics, and at home, she took care of her four children. Juggling work and home life could be tiring – Tara had developed a thyroid disease during her first pregnancy, and as the years passed, she found she had less and less energy to keep up with her kids. Whenever she got home, she just wanted to collapse on the couch.

Tara had heard of the positive results of bariatric surgery, so she sought out Dr. Smith for help. Immediately, she was impressed by the supportiveness of the team at Kentucky Bariatric Institute and how committed they were to patient education – her pre-surgical program involved extensive training, both online and in person, and the nursing staff were eager to answer her questions. Any time Tara wanted to know something, she just had to make a phone call.

Tara and familyIt was Tara’s first time having surgery, so she was nervous about being put under anesthesia. But thanks to the minimally invasive surgical techniques used by Dr. Smith and his team, her operation went quickly and smoothly. Tara was a little nauseous waking up from her surgery but soon felt as good as new.

“12 hours after, I was up and ready to go,” Tara said. “I had to get out of the hospital so I could get home to pick my kids up from school. My recovery was smooth. It’s been a great experience.”

Tara AfterToday, Tara feels more energetic than she has in years. No longer exhausted after work, she comes home to care for her kids and has the energy to put family life front and center. Every 3 months, she visits the Institute for another check-up, and the nurses are happy to provide her with diet tips and exercise techniques. When Tara’s friends ask where she went for treatment, she always recommends Dr. Smith.

“It’s the best choice I’ve made for myself and my family,” Tara said. “Just being able to be there and be present for my kids.