Tracy BeforeTracy had struggled with her weight for a long time. She had worked for the Ashland health department for 38 years, and she could see her own health declining – each time she visited her doctor, she was prescribed new medications for her weight, her diabetes, and her blood pressure. She and her husband were beginning to worry.

Tracy and husband“I thought, I’m not going to be alive to enjoy my marriage if I don’t do something,” Tracy said.

Tracy had pursued bariatric surgery in Ashland but never felt comfortable there. Then a friend told her about Dr. Smith. At the Kentucky Bariatric Institute, Tracy immediately felt welcomed – Dr. Smith and his team were confident and encouraging, and the nurses were always available for Tracy to reach out to. Many of the staff had undergone the same procedure Tracy was considering, and they were able to advise her from their own experience.

“The Kentucky Bariatric Institute is like a family,” Tracy said. “They welcome you in, and they’re there for all the support you need. A lot of them have been through the same thing you’re going through, so they can really relate to your situation.” Tracy

Many years ago, Tracy’s sister had bariatric surgery. At that time, bariatric procedures were lengthy and invasive, so Tracy was prepared for the same. Instead, she was surprised by how comfortably it went. Using state-of-the-art surgical technology, Dr. Smith completed her Roux-en-Y bypass through several small incisions, letting Tracy experience a smooth and speedy recovery.

Tracy scheduled her surgery for just before Thanksgiving. Four and a half months later, she’s 75 pounds lighter and full of energy. A former runner, Tracy looks forward to restarting her exercise routine or getting into yoga. She and her husband love to kayak, and she’s glad she’ll finally have the strength to keep up with him. The surgery has given Tracy a new lease on life. Tracy and husband

Tracy is grateful to everyone who helped her through the treatment, especially her husband.

“My husband was with me every step of the way,” Tracy said. “He’s been so supportive through all of this. I didn’t want to think about not being with him for a long time. I wanted to be healthy and us to be able to do things together.”